Trust the Timing

We all love to plan. Plans are great. They keep you in check, give you an aim, help you organise and generally just sort you out. My best friend got me potentially THE… Continue reading

Leap of Faith

Have you done something today that your future self will thank? Well have you? It’s quite easy to get comfortable in a routine, it’s nice, it’s familiar, most of all it’s easy. This… Continue reading

Stay focused girl.

HOW IS IT NEARLY DECEMBER? I’m pretty confident I was singing ‘Auld Lang Syne’ at the top of my voice on NYE in newcastle just yesterday… where the hell has the time gone.… Continue reading

Look up hunny!

Its time to look up. Not as literally as I am in this picture but I feel it captures what I’m about to say (don’t worry I’m not asking you to suddenly speak… Continue reading

How to give the best present ever.

Lets talk about time. Literally life is one long ass timeline. And each year we remind ourselves with a little birthday celebration which often involves some presents if you’re lucky. But what’s truly the… Continue reading

Be a sass queen – body confidence

Sass queen is how I’m often referred to by friends, its a joke but sometimes I want to sprinkle some of my sass out to you all and its only recently that I’ve… Continue reading

4 Days in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city that has been one of those places so many of my friends have shouted and screamed about, its a place I’ve wanted to visit for so long but I… Continue reading

A weekend in Milan Italy!

First things first, why has it taken me 23 years to get myself to Italy? A country full of beautiful architecture, pizza, culture, history and people *cough – men – cough* its true… Continue reading

Oh hey

Oh hey, I’m back, and it feels so good. So I’ve neglected my blog and the guilt is real. I’ve been caught up in a whirl wind of working life with a busy,… Continue reading

Get in my mouth

I’ve been eating clean for the past couple of weeks and I wanted to share with you a few changes I’ve made to my diet that you NEED HAVE to try. I’ve always struggled… Continue reading

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