Travel: Recover with Elemis Sp@home

After travelling for hours on end there is nothing more I look forward to than a bath as soon as I step through the door, and I think I’ve found my perfect recovery companion.


After sat in economy for 8 hours with the air-conditioning blowing in my face, my skin is as dry as the desert I’ve just come from and is crying out for rehydration. You can buy these handy little travel moisturising sprays (that I highly recommend for those who travel a lot) but I fell asleep too quickly to take note of my own advice. It is so important to get that moisture back in your skin especially if you have just had a week of tanning and your skin is already feeling the effects of being a little sun-kissed.


That’s when Elemis Sp@home comes in, a neat little bath soak rich with oil and it smells divine. Have a half hour to an hour if your anything like me in this bad boy and you’ll come out all silky smooth and rehydrated ready to show off that tan. What I really love about this bath oil is that unlike some it doesn’t leave too much of that oily feeling you can sometimes get with other products, its a winner if you ask me!

IMG_1331Top tip:

To maintain your golden skin MOISTURISE!!!! I’m personally a fan of cocoa butter as it leaves you smelling like chocolate but any cream will do.


My little Zen garden helps set the atmosphere along with a few candles, you can’t go wrong really.

bath time


My bath tub vs my dream bath…

dream bath tub

One can dream can’t they?