Bibis Italianissimo

Mamma Mia! When it comes to food I’m a sucker and Bibis in Leeds is the perfect excuse to have a carb overload in pasta and pizza.


Bibis is the perfect place to stick a pair of heels on and hit up the glamorous side of Leeds, busy every weekend be sure to book in advance!Β The atmosphere reminds me of the era of Elvis Presley with lightbulb framed mirrors, classy chandeliers and an old school bar that would make your dad think he’s stepped into heaven. Just wow! Anything that sparkles is a hit with me.


Half restaurant and half bar there is even space for an old school jazz band, aiding the impression of the swinging sixties -its a perfect trip down memory lane for the parentals.

Now for the food! Classic italian dishes served just the way the italians love it, big portions-good job I saved myself all day for this!



These chicken and cheese Calazone’s where huge!

My starter, stuffed portobello mushrooms with goats cheese, spinach and tomato sauce on a bed of rocket-divine!

Β If you’re like me any excuse for a cocktail is welcomed with open arms, and these strawberry daiquiris were just delicious.

There’s nothing I love more than good simple italian food, good atmosphere and time with the family. One thing I will mention and much to my mothers disappointment when asking for a classic Italian dessert, Affogato, they couldn’t accommodate which was a little disappointing, however we ordered the classic ingredients separately and made our own; coffee, ice-cream and a shot of Amaretto!

When there’s a will there’s a way I guess…

But until next time, ciao!


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