To the Rescue

Super foods to the rescue…

So this week I was struck by the monster that is Tonsillitis! For those of you who are lucky enough to not have had it- damn you, the only way to describe it is the worst razor like sore throat, banging headache and blocked ears, don’t mention the inability to walk or sit up without aches and pains all over your entire body. All because of tonsils. TONSILS! What the hell are they anyway? Who cares, it happened and whilst it did it got me thinking…

What the hell can I eat? Not so because I was hungry (my appetite in fact disappeared-bonus) but because I was in need of some sort of food to help dissolve these pills I was poppin’ every 4 hours, and I had hunger pains… yes you know the type- annoying.

So I had a Google, and smoothie upon smoothie recipe popped up along with some tasty looking soups. Perfff! Easy to make and very easy to eat, with added health benefits #winning.


Ginger popped up as number one ingredient, it is a natural anti-nauseant- its stops you feeling sick! Amazing… now I know this, I wonder if it will help on hangover days? We shall see! But it’s easy to do, simply slice some ginger, pour over some hot water, add a bit of honey and you’ve made your own ginger tea! Smart, very smart.

green smoothie

Green Smoothie this is a drink I am in love with that certainly helped me. The main ingredients being spinach, mint, apple juice and all things green it doesn’t sound too appetising but trust me it tastes divine and makes you feel like a health freak, you’re drinking spinach for godsake it has to be good for you. I got mine from The Smoothie Companya  little gem hidden behind the cafes that are opposite the University Parkinson Steps in Leeds. 


Soup you can’t go wrong really, and if you do, then I give in. Tomato soup is the best, a classic, and whilst I was purchasing my green smoothie I also noticed their soup of the day was the classic red, so bagged myself a cup of that too. But health wise, garlic and onion broth is supposed to give you amazing nutrients that are antimicrobial (I googled for you- agents that kill micro-organisms) again we are #winning.


Spices we like it hot hot hot, well apparently and if your bunged up these will help sort that out. But I must say whilst I was ill I didn’t exactly feel like ordering a curry…hmmm. I’ll pass on that.


Finally bananas, ginseng and OJ all high in vitamins and they help to restore all that energy that is being sucked out of you. Eat them cold, frozen,   warm, fried?  Actually here’s something most of you don’t know, I bet you’ve been opening bananas the wrong way round your whole life. Yep thats right. Huh I hear? Well, monkeys actually take the other end of a banana, pinch it, and you’ll see it splits nicely and then you can peel the skin off in two, thats right TWO. So next time you’re struggling to snap the end of a banana and it’s not going well just think every monkey in the world right now is laughing at you, so jump on the monkey bandwagon and try it, trust me it works better.


Clearly this little chap didn’t read A Gift of the Gabb, sucks to be you.

Hope you haven’t been struck by illness and if you have get on it ^



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