Girls with Curls

The Golden Question… (Go straight to the bottom for the method) If I got a pound for every time someone came up to me and asked me what I use on my hair, or how I get it ‘that big’, I’d probably be rich enough to have published a little book to hand to these lovely ladies who often stop me when I least expect it. It really doesn’t bother me, I take it as a compliment, but it’s time I give a little back and after another recent stopping in public it spurred me to finally put pen to paper for girls with curls.


It was a couple of weekends ago, I was in York meeting my step-mum and little brother to go to the Train Museum (cute! I know), it was during the school half term, and of course every family in the world are there, toddlers running left right and centre, grandparents, prams, people with picnics it was your classic family day out scene, and the last place I thought someone would stop me about my hair.


Mr Fat Controller (from Thomas the Tank Engine? Durr.)

Anyway, I was mid dress up with my little brother (turning him into Mr Fat Controller) and of all people a mother came up to me, left her toddler to continue running away, “I’m sorry but what the hell do you do to your hair, mines the same I’ve tried everything but it just goes frizzy and the curls don’t stay… (she went on for a good while, the toddler had disappeared, and most people would have thought we knew each other – we didn’t- but I listened intensely). During this my immediate reaction was here we go again and is she aware her child has gone?, finally when she finished I replied with “right. basically you’re doing it all wrong” and told her what to try, she left with the biggest grin on her face then ran off to find her child (rookie error) but it had reminded me when I  hadn’t a clue what else to try to maintain the fro.

IMG_2494Action shot of me and my fro. Standard pout.

From birth I was turned into a Herbal Essences girl, my nan used it, my mum used, and so I had no choice in the matter. The issue is my mother doesn’t accept her curls and fights against them, she’s had it chemically straightened and relaxed numerous times. So for years I struggled, I was a walking frizz bomb, my mum didn’t know what to do with it and I refused to let any chemicals touch it, and to straighten it was a hassle. I started to experiment with moose and hairspray and after a years of messing about found the perfect partnership…mousse and hair spray on wet hair! Genius.

I’d been using any extra hold mousse and hairspray, since I was 16, they all worked OK some were better than others, some you had to mix. One piece of advice I can give, never ever use frizz serum, you know that John Frieda stuff, its like gluey serum, its basically grease in a tube, and it doesn’t do anything for curls, it’s for frizzy straight hair? Does that exist? Just put it back on the shelf, you don’t need it, soz John.


Until recently, I changed hairdressers and she had the same hair as me, she asked me what I’d been using and was in shock I’d never tried Aussie. I did stop and think god I really have never bothered to stop and try something actually designed for curls (durr?- but most frizz things didn’t work). But I thought it was worth a shot so during the next uni shop with mother I emptied the Aussie shelf into the trolly  (mum had no choice) and bounced off to the till like a child getting a chocolate treat.

Lets put it this way, I won’t be going back to my old ways for a while. I’m really enjoying my Aussie products, and I think even my friends noticed my hair get even bigger (which is quite a hard task in itself), but something must be working. It’s a little more expensive I paid £10 for 3 Aussie products, an offer at Sainsbury’s, so if you shop around it’s worth the deals.


 Beyonce, I have serious hair envy here. But she represents us girls with curls in flawless style. I just want to be her, no really I do, ask my friends, it’s slightly obsessive I admit it, anyway here’s my hair care routine…


Shampoo and rinse your curls with Aussie Frizz Miracle.

Condition with the 3 Minute Miracle Frizz and brush it through your hair and leave to condition.

Towel dry those curls, and whilst your hair is still damp lather the Curl and shine mousse, I’m talking 3 big handfuls of the stuff.

Hair spray on top, era where, I mean it be generous, then leave it to dry naturally.

Secret: When its basically dry, blow dry it so the heat separates all the stickiness out of the curls, let it settle then give it another big spray of hairspray, leave it for a while go do something and then finally before you go out hit again with the hair dryer, final hairspray and you’re winning!

Hard work, but that should last you 3-4 days, and if you wake up with a little frizz, damp the curls with water and it should calm it down.


So I hope that helps all you frizzy haired kids out there, lets face it girls with curls have struggles but the rewards are worth it. Hell yes to the frooo!

Please tweet me if this has help/saved/rescued you, or if you have an even better solution I NEED to know @gabriellejdunn