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You can take the country girl out into the City but you can never take her heart out of country. Cheesy but true, nothing beats a field, or in this case a forest.

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Originally from Cheshire I’ve grown up surrounded by open space, fields, dog walks and Hunter wellies (soz not soz). But I’ve always believed that I was a true city girl, a busy body craving the hustle and bustle of a city that never sleeps- a bit like me. But true to its nature as soon as I’m back on Cheshire soil I realise how wrong I can be.

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In life I believe when it comes to enjoying the outdoors you go through 3 phases. The first being the age where you have no choice, and you’re pyshcially man handled into the car. Then the second around the age of 14 where it’s not ‘cool’ to go for walks, especially to be seen in public with your parents-in a raincoat, the ‘urgh, really do I have to come’ followed by a short argument- you never won, and often joined the family walk with a face like a smacked fish.

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Then the third stage, where I’m at now. Me today: ‘mum lets take the dog for a walk whilst I’m back from uni, I want to do something nice‘ in which her response was ‘urgh Gab, I’ve got too much to do today‘(charming)… lets just say I won this time, but then I thought oh god the role reversal stage is kicking in, next I’ll be taking her for walks in a wheelchair– god help us. God help her if there’s a hill in sight. I’m joking…

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I think its so important to get out and be in the fresh air, it’s good for your mind as well as your body and at uni where I live lets just say the only fresh air I get is the stench of student bins down our street (which are honestly horrendous).

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You don’t need a dog to go for a walk- although it’s a great excuse/pressure to get out- but my little Jaspy was loving it just as much as us.

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So what I’m saying is basically you should make time and effort to enjoy the little things in life; that are simple and nearly free (apart from the petrol to get there- but thats no excuse). It’s so easy to sit in, on your laptop, replaying Vine after Vine-refresh that Twitter feed until your hearts content, and don’t even get me started on my Instagram obsession. So if you can put down or even leave your mobile at home and go out and actually do something you will feel a lot better than finding out what the Kardashian’s ate for breakfast – soz Kimmy K.

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Sorry this was too good to pass on.

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Photo 06-04-2014 15 29 00You’re never too old to get in a denhere’s one I made earlier ^. I’ve made a promise to myself and I think you guys should the same; that being spend less time on your phone-on social media (to a certain extent) and actually spend more time outside doing stuff. I have a travel bug, I get impatient sat around doing nothing but now and then I see myself fall into the habit of having one of those days where I’m sat doing sweet nothing. But not anymore.




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