Shrine bright like a diamond.

Recently I’ve not shut up about a beautiful Hair and Beauty Salon in Leeds, because I can’t quite understand why no-one has heard about it?!

Photo 02-04-2014 10 53 23

Shrine Hair and Beauty Salon is an exclusive award-winning Aveda salon. Situated just on the edge of Hyde Park towards Headingley it’s in the perfect walking location for most if not all students living in the Hyde Park area as well as the local clientele, and it’s especially close for those in the Devonshire and James Baillie university accommodations. Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 16.17.59

Last week I was fortunate enough to be invited to be treated to a #ShrineExperience -and wow! Firstly the salon itself is a little gem with a relaxing Buddah theme throughout, I love to channel my inner Buddah and all the zen that goes with it. But it was also refreshing with a friendly vibe and a glamorous professional feel throughout.

Photo 01-04-2014 17 06 55Monix (the owner of Shrine) had me in for a treat and Laura my stylist was a babe, she helped me decide what to do with my hair and after a long debate I chose the option of keeping my beloved dip-dye and had a delicious brown mahogany colour applied on top, also a toner on my ginger ends to revamp the ordinal blonde state, thank god! 

As you all know I’m naturally the owner of a huge fro and I always feel sorry for my hairdresser as they really get their work cut out tackling my curls, but Laura easily accepted the challenge and boy did she do an amazing job!

Photo 01-04-2014 17 04 38

 Aveda: ‘brilliant retexturing gel’, ‘damage remedy’

With it being an Aveda listed salon Shrine use all Aveda products, and the products used on my hair did something incredible to my curl because I’ve never known my hair to not only get so straight but the ease of straightening it and the finish had me reaching for my purse to buy the whole shelf! But #studentprobs meant that would have to wait for another day, orrrrrrr end of April when my student loan comes in! Money, money, money…why doesn’t it grow on trees again?

Photo 01-04-2014 17 31 39Tah-dah! The finished product and that was nearly a whole week ago, and yes my hair is still straight as we speak, in fact here’s a photo to show you I’m not lying plus you can really see the red tinge in the shine of the light, I love love love it!!!

Photo 03-04-2014 16 01 24

Photo 03-04-2014 16 03 38

Top: Zara (last year summer season-sorry)

Shrine also has a Spa above the Salon with independent Beauty therapists doing every treatment under the sun, and whilst my colour was setting I was invited upstairs to have a manicure with Orla whose just come over from Ireland with years of experience in the beauty industry, and boy does she know what she’s talking about.

You know you are in good hands when you’re greeted with green tea, therapeutic music in the background, the smell of divine oils and a warm comfortable setting, never before have I wanted to fall asleep during a manicure until now, utter bliss. Did someone say OPI? The Queen B of nail varnish, I went for ‘Gouda Gouda Two Shoes‘ (what a name), which was a luscious pinky-brown nude with a slight glisten, just beaut!

Photo 06-04-2014 21 59 26Now I’m also excited to share with you some amazing news! #WorshipWednesday is Shrine‘s student special discount day, where you can get an amazing 25% off! I know incredible right? Now I must explain to you in Monix’s words, not only are you getting a massive discount but you are also getting a high-end professional salon experience that all their clientele receive, from the moment you step through the doors you’re not an exception! Monix says you students work hard, play hard and surely deserve to enjoy being treated like a queen in a high end salon- and I sure felt like one, cough* Beyonce.

Keep your eyes peeled at the end of April for the Shrine’s start of term Instagram (@ShrineSalon) competition where a few haircuts maybe up for grabs along with their new street team who will be around campus on the hunt for some exceptional hair styles #stylepatrol, but in the mean time keep up to date with them on Twitter as well as their Facebook Page

Photo 01-04-2014 15 08 39I truly loved my #ShrineExperience and I know you will too, I promise you its worth a shot and it’s so much easier to get to than having to trek all the way into Leeds city centre, I parked basically outside the Salon no problem but I could have easily walked, my bad for having no concept of where it was-thank god for google maps! I forgot to mention they do group discounts perfect for any special occasions-calling all societies, plus it’s getting close to that time of year… graduation… just saying!

Check out this cute deal they have all day everyday too! I think us women all deserve to worship your hour at least once a week, life’s too short to not pamper yourself, and in the words of Beyonce I’ve learnt I’ve got me,myself and I– take care of number one, i.e. YOU!

Photo 06-04-2014 22 22 36I hope that’s Shrined a light on your day (see what I did there- oh god someone stop me), but yes check out their website here, you can call and book an appointment but they also love spontaneous walk-ins- and if your anything like me who randomly loves to kill an hour or two drop by and they will defiantly fit you in!

Ladies we all deserve to shine bright like a diamond, so Shrine it!




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Where do you get your hair done? Will you be visiting Shrine Salon anytime soon? Tell me your best Salon experience, and what would you done if you won a #ShrineExperience?

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