Big Bows, Big Hair and Big Bruises

The last one threw you right? Well how about swapping the cheesy ‘gimme an A’ to ‘gimme a bruised arm, broken finger, dislocated shoulder, I can’t walk pass me a crutch gimmie gimme?’ Not so glamorous in the run up to comp season I can assure you, but once we get there it’s worth all the pain and injuries (well some). This is why…



Over the last few months its been Cheerleading season with competitions all over the country and I’m proud to say I’m part of Leeds Celtic Cheerleaders and we hit up Bath, Blackpool, and Nationals at Nottingham. So I thought it was about time I shared the cheerleading world with you…


When it comes to a cheerleading competition, I’d call it a mini Olympics for hard core athletes with a love for gymnastics, dancing and performance, not to mention the incredible skills of multitasking an incredible cheer face (smiling like you’ve just seen Beyonce) and prancing around whilst dragging your possibly broken ankle.


It’s a time when all the training and gym time finally come together in an intense exhausting competition. You have 2 and half minutes on the mat (performance zone) to throw your best routine whilst being judged by a panel of experts (who look like they could do with a Red Bull or two, or three, or a strong alcoholic beverage and more). That time on the mat is the most exhausting 2 and half minutes of your life-guarenteed! Imagine an intense work out consisting of maybe 100 burpees, 100 bicep curls, along with some running, and then a full out dance routine at the end- all whilst smiling like you’re not even dying. Hey sweat.



Cheerleaders are seriously solid, we’re not your stereotype at all so you can unfortunately wipe that prancy chick with pom poms from your mind! Although when it does come to cheese, we are a sucker for glitter, hair spray, bows and uniforms. Sorry Jas…(love ya). #prozzy


Why do we do it then, quite frankly pure insanity. Us Cheerleaders can’t quite explain why we do do it, because we don’t know, and if you were to ask some of the team most would go along the lines of, you just won’t understand why you’re doing it all pre-comp season until that moment you get on the mat, you’re in front of hundreds of people surrounded by the love and support of your coaches and fellow teams,and that feeling is quite unexplainable-its your time to shine. And yeah if you’re like me its the closest I’m going to get to being Beyonce on stage. I just love it, its addictive… someone throw me into rehab.


There’s no other sport like it, yes I said sport, it’s another world- the Cheer World and that’s quite possibly why you just don’t get it. So my only advice for you is to get involved, and boys that’s you too, not many of you can spontaneously throw a chick above your head why she takes a selfie (yeah I said that word-soz) from up above, no? didn’t think so.

This video truly shows how hard Cheerleaders train (especially Celtics) and this is our entry to the RBS ESSA 2014, simply watch the video to support our entry, and if you truly love it share the link, it’s as easy as that!

I hope that gives you more of an incite into being a University Cheerleader in England– in America its a whole other kettle of fish.




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