When in Dubai

So you’ve probably seen I’m currently in the UAE and I want to put to rest some of the myths surrounding Dubai incase you ever choose to head here in the future (which I highly recommend you do), so I composed a little essential list because I’m a babe (and it’s much more fun than uni work).


1. Dress. No, you do not need to go out and buy a head to toe Abaya (what arabian ladies wear; yes the all black era-thing). Stay fashionable they love it, you’ll walk around feeling like a celeb, just be a little more reserved (don’t expose yourself, i.e cover your shoulders, hide those big boobs, and booty shorts- really?) I have handfuls of beautiful kaftans to throw over when whizzing around the Mall.

IMG_2533this is one of my favourite pics I’ve ever managed to snap

2. Affection. You will not be put in prison if you hug or kiss in public. Those who somehow manage to end up there are usually completely unaware of their surroundings and are in a public place going full throttle. (I behave the way I do in England, you really don’t need to change your morals-unless they are really questionable?)

abu dhabi

3. Alcohol. If you want to go and hit the party scene you need ID because you have to be 21 to drink here (urgh I know), I’ve been very lucky in the past and managed to get in (a gift of the Gabb as they say) but I’d suggest you find some to be on the safe side. But alcohol is served in all hotels and bars- and there are plenty! It’s easy to get a drink when you’re on your hols or visiting friends so don’t worry about that. Even better if you’re staying with friends or family they will know the ins-and-outs (you need a licence to buy alcohol here) -so defiantly grab a bottle (or two) through duty free if you’re staying alone!


Things you should expect when you are here though are; camels (yes I will trade you in for one), shisha (no it won’t kill you and it tastes as yummy as water vapour gets with a hint of tobacco lets face it), locals staring at you (‘ooh hello very nice’-ergh do one?), and crazy ass drivers who are clearly on a mission to kill you in their Ferrari/Bentley/Range Rover (seriously I’ve witnessed some things in life but the driving here is something else).

IMG_9365 IMG_9415 IMG_6139 IMG_1165 IMG_1184

I don’t want too give too much away as that would ruin all the fun for you. Plus there’s only so much you can hear about someone else’s travels until it gets tho the point of yano what I really couldn’t give a flying yeah I hear ya. One last thing…

 Photo 07-04-2014 22 24 54

16 is my favourite number therefore here’s my top 16 things I’ll be taking with me. Some are essential (passport-durr) and others are what I believe to be the essentials for your next holiday whether it being here, Spain, Wales, the Great Wall of China or a trip down to your local caravan site (ey don’t slag it-I bloody love camping).

From top to bottom; left to right:- My bargain fluorescent Primark bikini, passport, Forever 21 black tassel kaftan, Palmer’s cocoa butter (moisturiser is essential in the dry dessert heat plus this stuff makes your tan beautifully chocolaty), Nike Flyknit trainers (MY BABIES) whilst on holiday don’t give up your fitness regime I plan on hitting the gym (air-conditioned that is- it’s essential in this heat) at least every other day!

Apple Apple and more Apple I have so much uni work to do, and with all this tech I have NO excuse. Clinique moisturiser, this product is god I swear by it the best face cream I’ve ever owned, purse (in this city its money money money– iya Dirhams), Nike Pros-essential running shorts (shake dat ass watch yaself- perf for a beach stroll).

Next up is my 3wiseclothing dress I’m so excited to wear this I can’t contain myself (keep your eyes peeled) above that are my Bans don’t know what I’d do without my sunnies, next my beloved New Look rucksack, I can’t ever picture me holding a handbag ever again I love being hands free-literally.

Then my bargain Ted Baker wash bag, I picked this up from Cheshire Oaks outlet- what a find! And finally my Liverpool market (classy bird) gladiator sandals, these are this summers must have shoe, and I’m in love with mine and a bargain at £25 compared to Topshop’s version for £40 I’m #winning.


I hope that’s got you intrigued to say the least, so next time someone tries to put you off coming here or thinks they know what they are talking about, maybe you can shoot them down a little, thats what happens when rumour has it as Adele would say… and I would say up the rumour you’re best off going and finding out for yourself.


One thing is for sure this easter, we won’t be having no easter egg hunt in the garden… we tried that last year and lets just say I throughouly enjoyed melted chocolate and mess and brown goo everywhere. I’m simply going with this attitude…


As they say here, shukran habibi (thank you my friend), hope you liked this as much as I did writing it!





Have you been to the UAE before, what did you think? Any good stories to share?  I want to hear- tweet me xo