All about the Contour

Put some make up on it.


When you grow up, for girls, you’re just expected to one day wake up and be able to ‘do makeup’. Think about it, I remember looking in the mirror and thinking what the f am I meant to do? How the hell do I know if this looks good? I was around 10/11, complete with beautiful bushy brows and lets not move on to the state of my teeth- I was one sexy little tom boy.

As you grow up you’d mess about with make-up do yours, do your friends (the days of blue eye shadow and bright red lips) and you thought you looked just like your mama (Jane was not impressed with my version of her). Unlucky for me I was the oldest sibling and had no real older girls in the family to rely on, so I had to either make it up (remember Miss Sporty? They owe me my childhood pictures #state) and learn from mainly my friends and their sisters.


Now at 20 I’m thinking yeah I got make-up down to a tee, but how wrong can I be, it’s dawned on me that I’ve done the same thing since I was 17/18, thats foundation, bronzer, mascara, blush, brow, lippy I’m done bye.

Although I hate heavy heavy make up, I’ve decided to make a conscious effort to learn more about make-up and I’ve started to teach myself a little more via mainly Instagram (me: gabrielledunn if ya fancy a stalktutorials because they are short and quick.

@BEN_LOVEMOM’s Instagram is my guilty pleasure (see here), a Mac retail artist he posts pictures on the new Mac looks, contouring heaven!!!


If you know me well, you’ll know my obsession for Mac lipsticks, they are the best without a shadow of a doubt, but with popularity comes price, they’ve gone from £12 to £15 in a blink of an eye- and that’s annoying for my bank balance.

So coming through Duty Free this easter it was very, I repeat VERY, hard for me to by pass that discount of a whole £3 (ey, every little helps). And this is when the lovely girls at Mac and Benefit stole my money, in exchange for happiness and pretty things that are meant to make me pretty- so I guess we are all winning. This was the result.

IMG_4082IMG_4083IMG_4086Meet Del Rio my new fav, it’s yummy, dark and delicious with a satin finish for the added sheen. Love love LOOOOOVE! (my brother thinks I look like a goth, well apparently goths are now sexy sooooo, yeah. DARK is the new pink)

IMG_4081IMG_4087Can’t go wrong with Benefit their packaging is as pretty as their lipgloss (no-one likes chapped looking lips-so I invested in some decent stuff)

IMG_4090IMG_4103Finally what I REALLY wanted to talk about, Benefit’s Watts Up highlighter (love the name has sarcasm all over it-Hi. give me a job I’m a walking talking sarcasm machine).

So there’s more to it than just shoving foundation on these days, now we have to be artists (seeee that art A-Level does come in handy mum), contouring relies on shading and highlighting the areas that reflect your features, cheekbones, to brows, under the eyes and your smile, apparently this baby will turn you into a stunner.

kim kimik

Kim Kardashian, that’s how you do it.

That is all.


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