Release Your Inner Hippy


With the Coachella hype and the festival spirit kicking in (sorry but how amazing was Beyonce and Solange?!!) and summer fast approaching(eeeeeeeeek), I can’t seem to stop myself reaching for my computer to do some online shopping… IT’S NEW SUMMER WARDROBE TIME! High fives all round. 

IMG_3711And  have I got news for you! I’m so so so so SO, frigging excited to share with you a brand new clothing brand, whose roots of a love of travel and being young wild and free go hand in hand with this years summer of 2014.


Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil the 3 wise monkeys that inspired this hippy, free spirited brand to create the most simplistic yet beautiful garments that you can wear however the hell you like (perfect for being a festival stunner or a lazy beach bum- me).

I give you 3wiseclothing.

IMG_3733IMG_3741Meet the Gili Dress-Blue Flower £28

The garments inspired by the spirit of Indonesia and Thailand throw together delicate patterns and soft silky cottons of flowers and summer colours, to their bold aztec patterned throw overs that look incredible on anyone.

What is even better is their clothes follows their ‘one size fits all‘ so you can be as creative as you want when you wear yours- truly following in their free spirit style.



IMG_3759Hippy Frilly-Maroon £42

Their clothes are easy to style, from throwing it over a bikini, to wearing it out to a festival, I’ve never got ready so fast.

3wiseclothing is a unique twist on the high street fashion, sure you have Topshop but now we all seem to be shopping online with the likes of Asos, and now 3wiseclothing is a one stop shop for all your summer needs.

I’m not the only blogger to have been treated to 3wiseclothing check out Em Sheldon, a beautiful girl whose established herself as one of the most up and coming bloggers over the last year and her recent blogging trip (all expenses paid- lucky biatch) to Vietnam will make you as jelous as I was- and she was sure to pack herself some 3wise loving, read her blog here .


The Singlet- tie-dye £22

Their clothing material is good quality, the tie-dye blue throw over for example, was so soft and comfortable I chose to dress it up and wore it out for a meal one evening. Their clothes are sourced with love and care and most importantly passion, and you can really feel the 3wise spirit in all of their pieces.

Even Danielle Lloyd (sorry but her bod for a 30 year old -JEL) was even caught sunning herself in Dubai with 3wiseclothing by her side?! Read.

IMG_3684 is where you need to head for an online shop but also here is their Facebook and Twitter, plus their Instagram is very pretty (don’t look if you get too easily excited for summer!)

This really is an exclusive, they only went live last month and are already selling out fast, so good job you’re reading this -insider information and all that.


Motivating people to travel and explore, 3wiseclothing are not only about delivering unique garments, their pieces invite you travel in their footsteps and discover your inner hippy. And I really like that outlook on life-go travel, be a hippy and wear feathers in your hair.

I don’t know about you but summer 2014 cannot come any quicker (please come quicker). 




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What’s you summer wardrobe looking like? Have you got any 3wiseclothing pieces?

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