Birkenstock Birkenwho?

I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry, but I am now the owner of my very own Jesus sandals.


The Birkenstock Arizona £50 (£44-student discount @Office)

Why? Well because they are simply irresistible. Birkenstock’s are this summers must have. It’s true. Just accept it and move on (it’s for your own good).

Never in my life would I see myself owning a pair, when I was growing up they were the geekiest sandals alive, and it was close to social suicide if your mum came home with a pair for you (or for her: mum turn around and leave the house-NOW!)  But in true fashion terms what comes around goes background (hey my baby-Beyonce get out my head).


With the jelly shoe coming back (again) the gladiator heeled sandal-I blame Jeffery Campbell for this (have you seen his shoes-amazing). This summers shoe is aiming to be strappy and simple, clean cut edges- minimalistic (to a certain extent).



Jeffery Campbell Festivale Collection – incred.

So out shopping with an Office voucher at hand, I found myself (as you do) accidentally on purpose eyeing up the Birks they had on offer, debating between another pair of heels to some possibly new Nikes to New Balance, I was like just no cba buying more of the same thing- and thats when I clocked them. I tried them on. Game over.

I won’t bore you, but swear to god THE comfiest shoe ever. They mould to your feet, and considering the fact I walk everywhere during term time it was a no brainer, plus its nearly summer bla bla, I had to have them.


The Birkenstock is so old school they don’t even have a Twitter account (trust me-I checked-twice). So timeless they are close to being iconic, so much so to the point where I had to write this. There are going to be loads of copies around-definatly Primarni will be all over it, but you just won’t get the same comfort or long lasting like you will with these bad boys-at least I hope.

If you don’t want some I highly recommend you to never a try a pair on, because once you do-you’re FCUK’d.


Style inspo from India Rose, minmalistic queen and another lover of Birks-fab (I follow her on insta because she’s a blogging and style genius.) I recommend a stalk here on her blog.

Thats it.






What’s your summer sandal? Anyone else loving it as much as me?