September Bitchez

Now this may be a bias opinion because I’m a September baby and a Virgo but I seriously think September is the best month of the year for multiple reasons- and if I can’t convince you I’ll eat my hat- well I won’t because that would be dumb- and I don’t own a hat.


September. The month of endless birthdays- ninth month of the year kids- just sayin’ #dirtyparents. And if you’re not celebrating your own birthday, chances are, you have at least 4 party invites and I wouldn’t be surprised if you know those born on the same day- cue the ‘joint’ parties when actually it’s just because no one could consume that much alcohol and be on top form for both nights so lets just share the hangovers. Also the 90s kids, well, we’re all slowly turning 21 and into those adult years- yet I’m still to find a mature bone in my body. So what a way to start the month with parties and endless selfies (god I hate that word) with your bestest buds and have a jolly good time.

Back Camera

Don’t worry Barbie babe we’ve all been there…#BestCakeEver #MakeMeOne

Now this time of year it’s also the start of something new- ew did I really just write a high school musical lyric? #vom. But it’s true, the start of the school year, girls be shopping for their first day of school/uni like– yes I WILL look hotter this year, I want  need these goddam clothes. It’s student loan time KERCHINGGGG. But it’s also time for the self motivational speech you tell yourself- or in my case write on my notes- here’s my opening line: Gabby it’s your final year of uni- do you want to be rich? Do you want to be successful? Well stop being a bum and work your ass off- don’t be lazy, go the library, be interested and take note. (I swear I actually write this and still find ways to ignore my own advice, send in the white coat #psychoooo).spice girls

Childhood ambition in a picture right here. (me bottom left)

But this is my point- why do we have only a resolution once a year (new years)? I truly believe September is THE month when resolutions should be made as this is when it really counts. It can be anything, to work harder this year, to be more dedicated to something, try something new, be happy- not to stress it can be ANYTHING. Mine’s to go the gym to get fitter- now you have a target of 3 months before christmas to look shit hot AND make room for the food so actually you’re already one step ahead of all those who make the ‘new year new me’ bullshit on NYE- I’m telling you its September –the month of what dreams are made of.

bedI think they forgot the word please

Just to add to the pot for those interested September is the month of the Virgo and towards the end the Libra, apparently a Virgo’s life Pursuit: To do the right thing and a Libra’s secret desire: To live an easy, uncomplicated life. I think the perfect motivation for the new resolutions. And did I mention Beyonce is a virgo- I swear to god I’m obsessed #IncaseYouHadn’tNoticed.

beyonceNot only can she sing- she speaks words of wisdom- maybe she has read my blog? Click here

And finally, it’s the end of summer and beginning of autumn- not exactly my favourite time of year- but September’s weather is always full of surprises and that’s the way I like it- sunny here- rainy there- it makes you jump up and make use of your time – chase the sun outside and when it rains organise your life inside-so even the weather gods are making you motivated.

To conclude September is the month of the year- end of story. And if you didn’t know this before thank god you know it now- or thank me because god didn’t write this I did.



xoxo I’m glad to be back