Hi-I’m Procrastinating are you?

First of all I want to apologise to those of you who have been asking what happened to my blogging etc and secondly I’m going to apologise to myself and work out how and why I got so lazy, and I’m hoping the outcome will help you to give yourself as much as a kick up the ass as I needed to give myself.


The ‘I’m in third year’ line. Yes well done you made it to your final year, (final year for most- unless your a medic, or scientist, or a gap yahh/year abroad edgy beaver), but is that an excuse? Oh but I have so much more work bla bla, thats what I told myself too- cba blogging I have to concentrate now. WELL turns out I have more time to myself, still a lot of work but lets be honest it’s so manageable- if I can make it out at least twice a week as well as running around the country visiting friends family here there and everywhere, holidays, cheerleading, why the hell did I think I had no time to blog?

I’ll tell you another thing because I associate going on my computer to type as time I should be doing other work for uni, and if I turn my computer on to blog I’m wasting time doing pointless writing and I should work instead- but in reality I just never turned my computer on at all and buried my head in the sand. fml.


So I guess thats point one – ASSOCIATIONS– just because you link one thing to another doesn’t really mean shit. For example people that can’t stay in the library after 6- well because it’s 6- and they need their dinner- well how about you get organised sort yourself some food out and then break the habit and stay in the lib past your usual time.

Leading nicely on to point two- HABITS- some are good, some are bad, and some need breaking. Stop doing that thing you do for instance well its past 7pm ‘time for rest’ no actually you could  still chill but this is also the perfect time to do reading its easy you can chill out and you’ll soak up more info than you realise. motivation-

Finally- TIMING- deal with it, it’s constantly moving, every second I’m sorry but you’re getting older, but see this as positive you’re learning and growing and becoming hopefully wiser. It’s never too late EVER don’t let you or anyone else tell you that. You can do whatever you want- just put your mind to it- write it down, put it in yours notes- my answer for everything is well… why not?

That’s about it. If you enjoy doing something do it- I like to blog even if no-one reads it- and if I can find a quick half an hour here and there you’ll be hearing from me a lot more often!

But for now stop procrastinating, and in the words of Nike…

just do it




Was this enough motivation to get you off your arse? Or too soft?

Write a list and tick it off- it’s the easiest and most simpliest way to organise your thoughts and stresses! LOVE A LIST!

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