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The answer? NO IM BLOODY NOT.

Protein World have been receiving quite a bit of bad publicity recently and lets be honest they kind of deserved it in some ways. BUTand thats a big but– I’ve not taken a strong hatred towards the company like others, as I believe there’s no such thing as bad PR. Yes the message isn’t helping us fatties feel fab when that woman on the poster has a body to DIE for (in my opinion), but who can’t resist the urge to question yourself- am I bikini body ready? Results usually: FUCK. NO. URGH. gym time…. I believe Protein World are just appealing to our body aspirations, let’s face it I want to be that girl in the poster and if you can’t admit that- who are you trying to kid? If anything Protein World are encouraging you get bikini body ready for you- noone else– they haven’t said THIS is bikini body ready, they’ve simply asked you a question.


The Mirrors plus size model Ashley Graham’s fab response

I want to give Protein World a chance to show me what they are made of- or should I say what the protein powder, slender blend capsules (fat melters), and multi vitamins are made of. So I’m putting my body on the line and  taking on their ‘Slender Blend’ weight loss pack. Initially just for my personal use, but after a number of friends have asked me all about it, LIGHT BULB IDEA, I figured the perfect way to share how it goes is right here on my blog.

SO, here’s the plan! I’m going to post my journey right here for you to follow, not too much but everything you need to know and everything I think you need to know, aka what they didn’t mention, or hints and tips I learn along the way… so lets begin!

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Day 1- Shake 1-Breakfast: Banana, Peanut Butter, Oats, Milk, 4 Scoops of the Slender Blend, followed by one capsule of each


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Personalisation- they way to any customers heart


According to the book in the first week I should be loosing around 4-6lbs, WOW, oh really, well lets keep our fingers crossed for that one.


The food diary says, one shake or smoothie in the morning with a slender blend capsule and followed by a multi vitamin. Lunch is a ‘protein lunch’, they give examples of omelette with veggies, chicken stir fry (no noodles or rice) with the two capsules again, and then dinner is another protein shake/smoothie or if you’ve had what they call a busy day full of exercise you can have a refuel meal AS WELL as a shake. Each meal is allowed ‘healthy snacks’ in between this being nuts/seeds/fruit, Protein World also recommends a shit load of water with green tea constantly.

THINGS THEY DIDN’T MENTION: the capsules smell, well, vile. Hold your nose and just do it.

Also there is SO MUCH caffeine in the Slender Blend capsules as well as in the protein mix, no wonder my metabolism is going to go through the roof- this makes me a little nervous as I’m really affected by caffeine, so I’m going to just monitor it carefully and make sure it doesn’t effect me too much!

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My first breakfast shake- 4 scoops of Slender Blend, 1 Banana, 1 teaspoon peanut butter, 2 scoops of oats, 300ml skimmed milk, and ice cubes.

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One of each- they stink- ewwww


I’m going to stick to this religiously. I’m gymming as usual with runs, spin classes, weight training– nothing more than what I usually do.

So I’ll be back next Wednesday with Week One’s results- ahhhhhhhh!

Wish me luck!

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Have you done Protein World’s Slender Blend? What results did you see?