Protein World Week 1 Results

OK. First things first, I’M HOOKED.


Never in all my years have I lost my cravings for bad foods, chocolates, biscuits you name it. I am constantly full- and I LOVE IT. At first I was so confused, ‘why am I feeling so full, definitely not feeling light or empty’ like I expected. BUT that’s the point, I’ve realised that my diet has been full of empty calories and often I’ve not eaten quality meals in the day which has lead to the snacking on crap food. Thinking it balances out because I missed lunch- WELL IT DOESN’T-trust me!

Okay time to be a bit more honest

I stuck to the diet as realistically as humanly possible but lets be honest I’m a student surrounded by temptation and well I gave myself a cheat day last Friday as it was my end of year course ball.

This involved a 3 course meal and WINE. The plan was to skip the starter, eat the main, pass the pud to one of the lads, and swap the wine for vodka soda lime. Did that happen? Well no. I blame my friends for the naughty influence, but I mainly blame free wine. Yeah okay just the wine. -_-

FullSizeRender 8 copy

These are from Holland & Barrett as I wanted it NOW. but you can order for cheap on tinternet.

I felt guilty but you have to live a little and so I just worked extra hard in the gym- so much so I struggled to walk normally for a day or two with overworking the ol’ leggy pegs.

Despite this minor hiccup, every other day I went wild on the smoothies with fresh fruit, spinach, kale, strawberries frozen berries ERA THANG. After a bit of research I decide to ditch the oils I cook with and stock up of coconut oil amazing for everything: hair, nails, food, smoothies it- does everything its the new god in my kitchen- just use it as an oil replacement.

I also decided to invest in some bonus carbs that Protein World recommends you add to your smoothies such as flax and chia seeds, and I’m so glad I did they made an amazing difference really filling me up after each shake!


Veg fried lightly in coconut oil, turkey breast sprinkled with pomegranates and goats cheese- cheeeeeky

Lunch times were the best and I experimented with all sorts of healthy dishes, see the picture on the left this was my fav because it was a little naughty as I added goats cheese but you have to let yourself have these little cravings because I’m in this for the long run!


I’ve not got bored of the smoothies yet but I did decide to have a go at some of the recipes… and boy am I good.

FullSizeRender 9

They turned out to be more like a cookie/cake but still did the job

First up my protein cookies: 2 mashed banana’s, coconut oil, oats, chia seeds, milk chocolate chips and cinnamon- bake in the oven for 20 mins= heaven for a snack in between meals or a quick energy blast before a work out FAB.


I added frozen berries, pomegranates, low fat natural yoghurt and a squirt of honey! WINNING

Dinner alternative- PANCAKES. Never thought you’d hear that did ya. Well sometimes the shakes for dinner are too sweet but I figured I could just see it as a pudding so I decided to make a pudding a bit more fun. 4 scoops of the Slender Blend and 4 egg whites. That’s it. Then add whatever you fancy!!!!!


I just so happen to have started on a Wednesday and thus have lead to the creation of #WeighInWednesdays as a quirky little reminder for myself. See if it could work for you too!

WEEK 1: LOST 3LB so I wasn’t thrilled at first but after a lady in the gym over heard me moaning she kindly reminded me that 1lb is equal to a pack of butter or in her words ‘make it lard-you’ll feel better picturing that!’ So I guess she’s right 3 packs of lard off my body in 7 days… okay I feel better now 🙂

I honestly think it’s the best thing I’ve done in a long time. Bare in mind it’s still only been a week and I could still be in honey moon period with my Protein World love, so lets give it another week and see if any crack start to show. Fingers crossed they are well cemented together and this becomes my new way of life.fellows

Hope this motivates you to get involved, if not with Protein World, then just with your diet and food intake in general- remember food is fuel and before I forget here’s my inspo for this week…

My best friend made it on the cover of Slimming World this week. No words. She’s the best example of how you can change your life around whenever you want to. Well done Charlotte Fellows, you’re my gal!



Did this post motivate you? Do you want to know any more recipes or my gym routine? 

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