Goji Berry Hype

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As we are aware I’ve been changing my diet with Protein World Slender Blend but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been cooking and eating in between my smoothies and shakes! I think I’ve found a new passion!!!

So I just want to share some really quick and easy HEALTHY MEALS. All too often I hear people complain that they ‘can’t cook’ or ‘don’t know what to make’ and always ‘I don’t have anything healthy in’. I just want to shoot all those who say this down. Right now. Firstly if I can make these so can you, secondly there’s so many easy recipes out there on Pintrest, online, even on Instagram- healthy ideas are everywhere- you just have to want to do it. And thirdly you’ll be surprised what foods you have in your cupboard that can throw together a healthy meal/snack!

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Pomegranates and goats cheese what more do you want in life?

First up this beauty on the left. Lean turkey cooked in coconut oil on a bed of spinach with roasted sweet potato wedges and green and red peppers, again in coconut oil, and THEN sprinkled with goats cheese and pomegranates. So god damn easy.


Microwave the sweet potato in the micro for 4-5 mins, then chop up with the peppers shove in a baking tray with coconut oil and pop in the oven for 15mins (keep stirring to make the skins all crispy-mmmm)

Fry the turkey pieces in coconut oil. Shove some spinach on a plate, shove the roasted veg next to it, add the meat sprinkle the toppings and wham bam thank you mam.

Next: a cheeky healthy snack to keep those sugar cravings at bay AND gives you a feeling of fullness…..oooo errrr

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To the right… 

This literally keeps me sane I’ve not had a chocolate biscuit for nearly 2 weeks and for those of you who know me, know biscuits are not only my weakness, they are my love! But nope don’t even crave them all because of this;

SO SIMPLE: apple, low fat natural yoghurt, squeeze some honey on it, plop some peanut butter next to it (good for slow releasing energy and IT TASTE BLOODY INSANE) sprinkle some raisins and now the magic secret- in Aldi (yes the supermarket) you can buy this seed mix with goji berries, sunflowers seeds all amazing goodness all for £1.99, so whip that all over era where, and voila theres your alternative to a chocolate bar!


I also can’t express how cheap it is to eat healthily compared to a take out seriously! I spent £25 on my last food shop at Aldi and it will last me a week and I got all my smoothies ingredients, fresh fruit/veg, nuts, seeds, milk, yoghurt and a WHOLE CHICKEN. Because I’m a bit fussy when it comes to Aldi meat I usually buy elsewhere but the other day I thought about trying one of their small whole chickens as it was £2.75 (can’t say no to that) to see if it being whole would taste better and seriously I highly recommend it. Smoother in coconut oil shove a lemon up its bum and roast for an 1hr! FABULOUS.

Have I just turned into Mary Berry in this post? Soz. But you can thank me later.

Let me know how it goes and keep an eye on my Instagram feed for more food pics!!! @gabrielledunn



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