The Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque


When Rihanna visited the Sheihk Zayed Grand Mosque- her pictures were incredibly seductive not hard in an incredible setting. However little do you know that during her outrageous photoshoot she was quickly escorted off the premises for being disrespectful in such a grand and well respected place of worship. idiot.

So when I headed back out to the Middle East earlier this year, a trip to the Grand Mosque had been on my mind for a while, and whilst I was there I managed to convinced a family friend to take me! Dream achieved! I could finally get some shots there of my own…


As for the Rihanna pictures, well she started off well- respectful and beautiful- but it was a matter of time before she started lying sprawled across the ground-next to the strict ‘no sitting’ sign.


Elegant and poised



Idiot Rihanna

So whilst there we thought we’d attempt a photoshoot ourselves- but not taking the Rihanna approach, and instead adorning the tradition RESPECTIVE abayas the local Arab women wear. And I think I found my inner muslim.


I fit in well I feel


I’m not going to lie it was HOT. Dressed head to toe in black was not ideal, and it made me really respect the women who wear these everyday of the year –out here in the desert heat- whereas the men get to wear white…something certainly doesn’t add up there.


Rihanna eat your heart out


If you are a visitor don’t let the dress requirements put you off- you can go here and they will provide you with all the necessary clothing- for free (bonus)-so don’t worry about bringing anything with you.


is it a mirror? nope-it’s a lake!


I don’t even think Beyonce has been here yet, therefore I think its acceptable to say if she does visit in the future…she copied me.


It’s not really until you take a selfie here


The sun- it burns

About an hour from Dubai, if you have the time I would say its a must visit that you can easily do in the day- or if you’re feeling adventurous you can get a last minute- relatively cheap hotel for the night- and go explore the rest Abu Dhabi has to offer.

If you haven’t been to Dubai yet check out my post about Dubai essentials and put all those myths to rest here.


As for now lets hope Rihanna has brushed up on her reading skills and followed A Gift of the Gabb for future advice!






Have you visited here? Tell me all about it!

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