Get in my mouth

I’ve been eating clean for the past couple of weeks and I wanted to share with you a few changes I’ve made to my diet that you NEED HAVE to try.

I’ve always struggled with my diet. I’m like a yoyo, for two weeks I’m on it I eat so well, exercise and then one day I’m like screw this pass me a chip. Well that was the usual until I had a serious word with myself.

I’ve introduced so many new foods through cooking and eating with friends, trying what they eat and reading books like Deliciously Ella, Madeline Shaw and following fitness coaches like @TheBodyCoach. Helping me to turn my diet into something I really enjoy and have fun with, rather than seeing it as a strict regime.

So I want to share with you my latest favourite meal-BREAKFAST!


Granola, greek yogurt, milk, sprinkled Mill seed, chia seeds, frozen berries, a lil bitta honey and my favourite part MATCHA.

I started drinking green tea a couple of years ago after reading about all the health benefits bla bla, and then discovered matcha which is basically 4 times stronger than green tea but essentially ‘same,same but different’.

A close friend of mine introduced me to Bloom and she swears by it so it was only natural to trust her research and give it a go, and so far so good I LOVE IT.


Add a spatular to hot water for instant tea, add to shakes, smoothies and what I do sprinkle on top of my incredible breakfast- everyones a winner.


I think it tastes nice, but if you’re a green tea virgin I’d say ease yourself in first with green teas and then move to matcha.

Did I mention the health benefits are endless, increased metabolism, energy, clear skin, it boosts your immune system and overall is a good benefit to your diet especially if you’re a busy body like me trying to steer away from relying on unlimitless coffee to get me through the work day.

So there you go, a healthy start to your day which will give you a boost to eat clean for the rest of the day.



What’s do you have for breakfast? Recommendations are welcome 🙂

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