A weekend in Milan Italy!

First things first, why has it taken me 23 years to get myself to Italy?


A country full of beautiful architecture, pizza, culture, history and people *cough – men – cough* its true the Italian stallions were out in full force. But on a serious note, my 3 day city break to Milan made me fall in love with Italy and I can admit it’s got me hooked. Milan you stole my heart and heres why.

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The Dumo di Milano is that beautiful cathedral you can see behind that tasty looking cocktail, (honest I was focusing on the church but my cocktail stole the limelight). Back to the church it is a stunning piece of architecture telling stories of the past and to think each piece was hand carved makes the place even more memorising. It honestly took my breath away to see something so beautiful in the flesh and with an amazing atmosphere in the city square its the first place we headed to in our 3 day break.

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After numerous candid photo shoots I spotted the Terrazza Aperol bar that demanded a visit so we could sit sipping on cocktail admiring the view of the square.

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After a relax it was time to hit the tourist tram, we managed to navigate our way around the city so easily with their public transport, the tram was the best way as you got a mini sight seeing tour every time you hopped on. For about €5 a day you could hop on and hop off easily!


Below was inside a studding shopping centre in the square, all the buildings in Milan are literally so gorgeous I can see why its the one of the capitals for fashionistas – beauty everywhere.

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Lets talk food – now it would rude not to, I’m talking pizza. Al fresco dining is my favourite way to eat, and on every corner you turn in Milan there are people sat in cafes, restaurants down the whole street eating and relaxing, I’m telling you now I was born in the wrong country.

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This was a common thing, pizza and prosecco. Oh and those strawberries our waiter didn’t quite get the jist of ‘can we have some strawberries for our prosecco?’ instead we got a whole dessert of them- well beggars cant be choosers.


Day two and we jumped on a train north and headed to Lake Como, and WOW what a beautiful place. Again this pina colada tasted even better after this picture.

We set up camp at little lake pool side and spent the whole day just sunbathing and relaxing, mainly nursing our hangovers from our night out – which I’ll get on to. But for now heres another pic of Lake Como…

IMG_6831 2

So the night life is Milan isn’t quite like it is here in England, but you know I’m quite glad as thats not what Italy is really about, its more about relaxing enjoying the scenery, the sun and the food. But we did manage to find our way the Just Cavalli club where apparently Justin Beiber was that night after performing one of his tour nights in Milan stadium (trust me we tried to get tickets). However I’m sad to say we didn’t cross paths…next time beibs.

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After a full day of relaxing we headed home and went out for food again enjoying the Milan nights and the ambience of being able to eat at 10pm outside like it was completely normal.

The last day we had until 5pm for our flight home so we wondered around stumbling through parks and beautiful streets.

IMG_6833 2

In the middle of this park we came across a cute restaurant were we got our Aperol Spritz fix and the waiter was telling us about how he’d come back from living in Australia, he worked for burberry and had come home for summer to see his family and earn some money at this restaurant, its speaking to people where you find the best stories and also top tip advice!


Before we knew it we were waiting to head home, a cheeky final beer in the airport and our holiday was over. We flew with Ryan Air for Β£60 return flight, and I have to say my first experience with the budget airline was really good. Easy check in online, no problem with the hand luggage, in fact they took everyones and put it in the back of the plane anyway. No delays and really easy! Plus it was so cheap!

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I’d really recommend a city break to Milan 3 days is plenty for you to soak up the italian way and keep it relitivly cheap. I’m all about traveling and seeing as many places as you can so just be spontaneous and do it- you won’t regret it!

Ciao for now!



Have you been to Milan? What did you think?

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