Who is even is she?


Who doesn’t love a Mean Girls quote- if you don’t well I’m afraid we can’t be friends.


Let me introduce myself, I’m Gabby, a 24 year old sass queen who’s learning to adult one step at a time. If I’m not trying the latest trend I’ll be at the gym working on my squat goals or out with friends in some roof top bar over looking the Leeds skyline. Juggling a busy job with an addiction to travel this little blog is me fixing you up with some sound life advice- or just a great little story to perk up your day.

Welcome to ‘A Gift Of The Gabb’ a place for a rant on current topics, trends, life motivations, random moans and sometimes some top tip advice on life.

I seem to have developed a new found passion for helping others that being sorting love troubles, work overload stress to quite simply being a key gossip girl. However I do take this as seriously as I can for your enjoyment- whether this be fun reading or severe procrastination- I enjoy the fact more humans are reading this than just my mum. Special thanks to those who have pushed me to carry on blogging as I thought no-one read it – clearly I was very mistaken so THANK YOU xoxo

So get involved let me know what you think all feedback is positive even if its ‘Gabby you chat bulls**t’ I’ll take it as a compliment…

You can comment on each post or tweet your love or/and abuse here

For now I’ll leave you with this cute little reminder;

you have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyonce.

and if she can do anything with 24 hours, so can you. All the ladies who independant.

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All views are my own, honest reviews are made without incentives. Images used at the start of the blog are from pinterest, google images and other locations- but slowly being replaced with my own images.

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