Big Bows, Big Hair and Big Bruises

The last one threw you right? Well how about swapping the cheesy ‘gimme an A’ to ‘gimme a bruised arm, broken finger, dislocated shoulder, I can’t walk pass me a crutch gimmie gimme?’… Continue reading

Shrine bright like a diamond.

Recently I’ve not shut up about a beautiful Hair and Beauty Salon in Leeds, because I can’t quite understand why no-one has heard about it?! Shrine Hair and Beauty Salon is an exclusive… Continue reading

Fresh air fresh attitude

You can take the country girl out into the City but you can never take her heart out of country. Cheesy but true, nothing beats a field, or in this case a forest.… Continue reading

Girls with Curls

The Golden Question… (Go straight to the bottom for the method) If I got a pound for every time someone came up to me and asked me what I use on my hair,… Continue reading

To the Rescue

Super foods to the rescue… So this week I was struck by the monster that is Tonsillitis! For those of you who are lucky enough to not have had it- damn you, the… Continue reading

Nice Bootea

Teatox Review Now, I’m not one to usually try fixed diet plans, health tablets or extreme diet detoxes, but when this new Teatox from Bootea started circulating I admit I became a little… Continue reading

Bibis Italianissimo

Mamma Mia! When it comes to food I’m a sucker and Bibis in Leeds is the perfect excuse to have a carb overload in pasta and pizza. Bibis is the perfect place to… Continue reading

Fitness Freak

I feel it’s getting close to that time of year where the initial January diets and New Years resolutions are well and truly coming to an end. I feel the need to motivate.… Continue reading

Don’t mind if I do Darling

Food Review: The Chester Grosvenor Hotel & Spa Recently I was lucky enough to be treated to afternoon tea in the beautiful Chester Grosvenor, an award winning hotel with a Michelin star restaurant.… Continue reading

Travel: Recover with Elemis Sp@home

After travelling for hours on end there is nothing more I look forward to than a bath as soon as I step through the door, and I think I’ve found my perfect recovery… Continue reading

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